About the Game


Say hello to Colin the Commuter, this little guy needs to get to work! Help him along the London Underground in this new retro 8-bit open world adventure.

Commuting in London: there’s only so much one can take of staring blankly into space and trying not to make eye contact with the commuter opposite you. There are even stories of the dreaded ‘accidental crotch stare’.  Rush Hour App will make that a thing of the past.


Real time events


If there’s a signal failure in real life, it’s in the game too! Vent your frustrations in-game when the inevitable ‘leaves on the line’ causes havoc with your travel plans. Heck, it’s much more fun than just sighing heavily and staring angrily at your watch. And if for once the tubes are running perfectly (hoorah!), there will be plenty of scenarios to test your skills against.

Think you are the ultimate commuter?


Then pit your skills against other Rush Hour commuters to show who rules those platforms.

  • Collect B-Coins along the way to get high scores and power ups (a certain Mayor of London might pop up to help you out).
  • Get from A to B in the quickest time and earn your place on that leader board.
  • Good Deed Feed: Being the ultimate commuter isn’t just about haughtily navigating along the lines, it’s also about helping your fellow traveller. Show the true spirit of London and aid those in need.

Mini Games

In Rush Hour, there will be a selection of mini games to play between changing lines and to collect a big stash of B-Coins. Mini games include Tube Roulette, Escalator Rush and Carriage Surfer.

Tailor Your Game

Rush Hour will include 3 game modes:

  • Commuter – get from A to B in the fastest time
  • Tourist – visit every tube station as quick as you can
  • Casual – take your time and explore the London Underground, you might find a secret passage or two

3 difficulties:

  • New Kid on the Block
  • Semi-Pro
  • Maverick



Woahh there tiger, Rush Hour App isn’t available to download and play just yet. I know it’s looking pretty snazzy already but this is all concept work at the moment. I’m working really hard to get the funding to get it developed, so please enter your email just below to be kept up to date with the latest news. I pinky swear I won’t spam you with anything!


Rush Hour has already received a lot of press coverage already, including:







Rush Hour is a Smartphone game concept that Antonia Heslop has been working on solely for quite some time now. Always influenced by comics, movies and video games, she aims to make really cool stuff for everyone to enjoy, laugh at and smile – starting with Rush Hour. If you would like to contact Antonia, please email: Antonia@RushHourApp.co.uk